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Institute for Psychological Services 

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Institute for Pyscological Services offers

  • Individual Pyschotherapy

  • Group and Family Therapy

  • Corporate Training for Stress Management

  • Psychosocial Assessments

  • Strategy for Self Help and community growth

  • Support Groups for Self Management

The IPS Mission

Institute for Psychological Services has been in business since 1985 offering individual, group and family psychotherapy. We offer traditional and non-traditional culturally based interventions for adjustments and resilience. Our staff addresses the issues involved with personal development, career planning, trauma, and stress management.  The IPS is the mental health provider for WRC Houston.

The Process for Treatment

Initial Appointment 

(Complete Review)

Assign Treatment 

Our staff reviews patients strengths and needs, and completes a treatment plan that meets their expressed and observed needs.

We treat organizations as a whole reviewing their teams performance and mental capacity for growth.

During the intake, we develop an integrative plan that includes their current mental status, their desires, their personal goals and where they want to go in life. (strength base intake)

Once patients have their intake ready with peronsalzied recommendations, IPS assigns them to a program with an instructor/coach and follows  up on their personal development. 

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