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WRC provides resources to heal through

Whole Body Wellness


The Women’s Resource Center for Women and Their Families was developed in Houston, Texas on October 2002. It was organized to use the existing community and family strengths to enhance health, financial and social issues of youth and adults. The primary focus is to assist women to better help themselves and their families’ to access information and services for health and financial wellness. Assistance is not just for women but the whole family.


The name of the organization was captured to build upon the important nurturing role of women in the health and development of families. The community model was drawn from the outreach format employed by the Women’s Resource Center on the east coast of the United States. The program planning initiated in 1990 by Dr. Willie Mae Lewis as a response to the lack of responses to family and community health concerns. A group of active women from several organizations as the Delaware Women’s Commission, Wilmington Public Library, F.A.I.T.H. Centers, The Women’s Taskforce on Substance Abuse, YWCA, St Paul’s Outreach Center, One Church, and One Family Outreach Center among others for a network to focus on the issues. Men recognized the goals for men and families in 1997 and became active participants with the leadership from Ezion Mt Carmel UMC, New Life Ministries, and support from Governor Tom Carpers and Lieutenant Governor Ruth Ann Minner.

The name was altered for Texas to avoid duplication according to state mandate. This model captures the woman’s role in society and in her family to achieve met organizational and community needs. The primary method of outreach is the use of mentoring interventions. During the inception, we recognized the importance of collaboration between groups, communities, and organization for the benefit of youth and families in the community.


Our organization and collaborative operation reflects at all times the community's forward thinking vision. We are structured as a non-competitive, 501c3 non-profit, primarily all volunteer organization. One of our objectives is to continue building our supportive relationships within the community. We actively collaborate with churches, community centers, civic associations, and organizations: American Cancer society, Pilgrim Community Center, African American Health Coalition, Shape Community Center, Southeast Civic Association, Southwest AME Church, St Vincent de Paul, Gateway To Care Collaborative, Community Service Center Job Net. Our efforts will continue to strengthen our collaborative network for community building of community health, and financial resources.

Currently there are seven board members representing community organizations and the general community.

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