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Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)

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Expand technology education to students with a particular focus on socio-economically disadvantaged populations; without a working knowledge of technology, many are in danger of being left behind educationally and financially. Provides workforce development training by equipping individuals with the skills needed to maximize in-demand information technology career opportunities. Our programs create true value for students by combining high-quality education with authentic hands-on training in information technology fields. The program helps students to develop math, science, technology, engineering, and computer programming skills while they design, build, and test autonomous and remote-controlled robots and computers for competition and display. Students will build robots and computers to navigate independently, sense and respond to their environments, collect, lift, place objects, and a host of other operations. Provides fun and creative hands-on projects that help students build self-esteem and confidence while developing the skills needed to help them shape America’s technological future. (Total hours of instruction: 30) (Total classroom hours: 20) (Lab Hours: 10) Cost of Tuition: 495.00




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