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Chef Kelly's Cooking Group

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Let's give a shoutout to Chef Kelly for leading this group so well! We appreciate your recipes, insights on better nutrition and dishes! Keep them coming.

The Dish and recipe from today's Webinar, "Chickpea Salad W/Dill"

This is an amazing dish. Hopefully you will try the recipe below.

Recipe: Ingredients

1 15oz can of chickpeas

1/3 cup chopped celery, red bell peppers, red onions


Twist on the traditional philly cheesesteak. Instead this is a salmon philly cheesesteak topped with microgreens. Truly delicious. 🌶️ Comment what you think.

Diana Washington

That looks really nice. Will give that a try.


Please watch and tell me what you think. It's time for us to get it right. In love and Health. Please immediately skip over the commercials.

Diana Washington


I am a Holistic Culinary Chef and my mission is to provide a...
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