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Cooking & Nutrition

Every 2nd Saturday

  • 1 h

Service Description

Soulstice Cooking Classes: These classes will be in depth that will introduce Vegetables, grains, herbs & spices and fruits. They will also be Adult and Children friendly. In addition to the science of nutrition, the spices, vegetables, grains and legumes used are designed for feeding a family on a budget, consuming the freshest produce. They are also a great way to introduce new foods that are great to include in the diet. Educational Awareness of Food: This class will focus on foods and food products to become familiar with in terms of what to purchase and what not to purchase based on their benefits and destruction to the body. We will also discuss processed food labeling (chemicals and additives) and what to avoid. This will be an overall educational awareness of fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs and spices that are beneficial for the body. This also a class that will give you information on beneficial supplements and herbs for cleansing, energy and focus. Small Group Catering: Small group catering for 150 people or less that provides tasteful, healthy and affordable dishes for you and your family which includes personal services, brunches, parties or family gatherings. _________________________ Biography Shirley Kelly (aka Chef Kelly) is a holistic Culinary chef who comes from a long family tradition that embodies a passionate love of food and food preparation. That tradition goes as far back as her great-grandmother who passed it down to each generation. It’s in her DNA. She has always been inspired by family members, especially her grandmother, mother and aunts who created the most amazing dishes at family gatherings (reunions outings, gatherings and funerals). I now take that tradition to another level with my preparations of wholesome, nutritionally rich foods that not only taste good but creates optimum wellness, thus a higher quality of life. Chef Kelly received a BS degree in Public Affairs w/ a minor in Business from Texas Southern University and went on the receive her Chef’s and Wellness certification from A Life of Peace Wellness Institute. She is currently using that knowledge to increase awareness of how foods affect the body both negatively and positively. She is currently partnering with the WRC and also does catering and personal chef services and provides education for those who are interested in changing their eating habits.

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  • 2626 South Loop West, Houston, TX, USA

    (281) 407-3190

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