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Intergenerational Programming

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WRC Houston intentionally unites generations with programs that facilitate families lives and help address vital social and community issues while building on the positive resources that young and old have to offer each other and to their communities. These programs bring people of different generations together for ongoing, mutually beneficial, planned activities, designed to achieve specified program goals, and promote greater understanding and respect between generations. Reciprocity, sustainability, intentionality, training, support, and viewing younger and older people as assets are hallmarks of successful programs.

The Intergenerational Trauma Treatment Model represents an alternate model for treatment of complex trauma experience by children and families. The focus is to bring together community leaders, coordinated caregivers to meet the community responses to youth education, reduce school to prison youth incarceration and promote learning through use of strengths.

It differs from previous models by integrating a combination of self-knowledge, behavioral interventions, strengthening bond with family and community though use of culturally informed strategies to empower youth, families and communities.

Online Psychological Care is a mental and physical wellness solution  from The Institute for Psychological Services.  Our website is a quick, friendly and confidential place where youth, families, and adults can  obtain therapy, training, and crisis intervention.
It brings together family, school, community, and spiritual resources for personal and family development as well as  community well-being. The service was  founded by  Dr. Willie Mae Lewis in 1985 . She has extensive experience in  anger management, mediation and conflict resolution, stress management, and attention deficit disorders. Dr. Lewis is a board certified specialist in providing  counseling and guidance for anyone seeking to improve their  overall health and quality of life. Some of the treatments offered include: Treating  grief
Dealing with lifestyle changes in the workplace
Parenting for success
Learning with ADHD
Her advanced training includes a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Temple University, 15 years of teaching graduate level counseling, psychology and guidance, and work with various organizations providing treatment to different individuals.

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