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Feel better. Live better.


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Hey everyone! We'll be bringing wisdom and insight to each group by highlighting our teachers, coachers and spiritual leaders.

Listen to this message from Aswad Walker on how to overcome anger. Feel free to comment how you are overcoming and share with anyone who might need this message.

Thanks for being here!

Hey everyone! We've created WRC Online Support Groups to connect members to services and resources by category.

Each group will have a few leaders and admins, and members will be able to enjoy education as well as get health and mental resources online. Each group has it's own theme, category and purpose. You can join one or multiple groups to stay connected! Please watch this video to get started, and post your comments if you have any questions. Your leaders will start engaging with you next week. Refer friends and send us people you may think can benefit from this. We are looking forward to building these online communities with you all! Keep living mentally strong and free. I'm here if you need anything. - Donovan


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