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Jun 10, 2023 - Jun 12, 2023


This webinar, “Man/Woman Know Thyself: The Healing Power of Culture,” offers participants several benefits, many of which cannot be obtained via traditional diversity training seminars and K-college courses. Listed below are some of the benefits of this webinar: • The instructor has 18 years of experience teaching this subject at the University of Houston Main Campus (African American Studies Department), and 25 years of teaching it at the community level in multiple cities. • This webinar is different from “diversity trainings” because those are often lacking the same cultural awareness that is generally lacking from most Eurocentric K-College courses. This class centers the pan-African worldview/perspective. • This course provides participants with culturally relevant information from multiple perspectives and on various topics, including: history, theology, economics, psychology, sociology, the arts, etc. • This course is different from many college courses because it does not take the “ivory tower” approach in its presentation. Rather, it comes from a more relatable and understandable “community” or “grass-roots” level without losing any of its intellectual integrity. In other words, the information can be understood by participants without the need of an advanced degree. Though, a person can earn a Ph.D. in any field and never be required to learn the vast majority of the information shared in this webinar. Hence, this class will be a learning experience for both the la




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