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Apr 26, 2024 - Apr 28, 2024

Road to Wellness

This educational webinar covers the basics of how our diet and lifestyle are related to specific health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressures, heart disease, autoimmune disease and even cancer. We will also address prevention solutions and how to reverse health dysfunctions. Dr. Floyd Atkins, Jr. is a graduate of Morehouse College, BA in Biology 1975; a 1982 graduate of the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine and completed his residency training at Kirwood General Hospital, Detroit, Michigan 1983. He was Board Certified in Foot Surgery in 1990 and a lecturer and speaker. In 1996, he entered the ministry and became an advocate for spiritual and physical wellness in the effort to connect the dots between mind, body and spirit. He retired from the practice of Podiatric Medicine in 2003 to fully devote his time to their vision of preventive healthcare and wellness education. He currently pursues his passions as an author, wellness educator and consultant at the Center for Wellness and Healing in Houston, Texas. Visit for more information.




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